With passion for people.


Where it all started.

   1979, the first year I was introduced to computers (i.e. the big reel-to-reel refrigerator sized beast behind the glass wall).  Well, not the computers we know today.  I was in college taking a course in Basic Programming.  Although, I didn’t have a great grasp of what I was trying to accomplish, I knew at that time computers would have an important roll in our world.

Fast forward to 1986. 

   As a Mechanical Engineer and Estimator, I was thrust into the world of being a good computer user.  Pre-Windows, DOS 2.5 to 3.1 allowed a foundation of hands-on operation of some exciting applications.  Quattro Pro and Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet programs gave birth to macros and database development.  Also QuickPen International Estimation Package.  Even got involved with Novell Networking.

1994, The Hewlett Packard years. 

Here I receive my direct involvement in supporting clients.  Very valuable experience in caring about people’s computer/technical issues.  This experience taught me to be passionate and compassionate toward my clientele.  Their problems became my problems.  I loved solving issues and the gratification I receive in doing a job well done.   And they let me know their appreciation.  I was hooked in servicing ours.  Along the way, I received my Microsoft System Engineer and Microsoft Professional + Internet Certifications.


2002, Striking out on my own. 

   It was inevitable that one day I would start my own business.  Years of customer support experience, HP training and Microsoft’s evolution; I was ready.  Supporting hardware and software gave me a great foundation in understand the complexities of todays challenges.

   My services include networking (wire and wireless), server operations, security (Internet and PC), hardware, software, Virus/Malware protection, Database Development, Backups, Upgrades and much more. 

   I love to teach my clients how to protect their PC and themselves with Internet operations.  I explain to them what they need to know and be aware of the traps/dangers of Internet usage.  I help my clients when they are ready to purchase that new PC and plan options in their office, store and home.  What fits for them and their budget.  What they will need to know prior to their purchase.  But most important is not supporting the PC.  Most important is Supporting the person using the PC.  I want to be Your Computer Man.