Back up or shut up: Setting up your PC Backup

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of backing up your personal data on a regular basis. 
Years ago, when I worked at HP, I had a client whose hard drive had just failed. "I'm heading into a meeting and my proposal documents are on the laptop, but when I press the on switch I hear this sound." (click - click - click) My worst thoughts raced for this guy. "Sir, your hard drive header is damaged, DO YOU HAVE A BACK UP OF YOUR DOCUMENTS?" "No." "I am sorry. There is nothing we can do." Next I heard him start crying, really. "I just lost a $250,000 contract." (true story, 1994)
We had a saying at HP. ~Back up or shut up~ 

How to Back Up in Windows 7:
Control Panel
Back up and Restore
Turn on schedule
Change settings
Select a Drive to Backup to, preferably an external USB Drive.
Let me choose or Windows will choose
Make your selection of data to back up.
Save settings and Exit

Periodically, Windows 7 will back up your selected personal data to the designated drive.

Do this and stay out of trouble.

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