Be Teachable.

Each new day is an opportunity to learn something new. One of my joys of daily living.
One of the best lessons, I have received, comes from a wonderful client of mine. She has been blind since age 4. She is now 92. Her life journey has taken her through may challenges that I will never be able to conceive. Yet, here she is... a survivor and living well. She uses a computer to write books. Yes, books. How she navigates through the many menu selections in Windows 7 amazes me. She must be patient in listening to the voice application which allows her to keystroke her way around. To say the least, I am humbled when I witness her migration around Windows 7. So many barriers she has overcome. Blindness, now age. And now here she is teaching me. 
For me to support her, I first have to understand how she navigates using keystrokes to do what we perform, as easy tasks. We work well together. She shows me how tasks need to be done and I add the technical solution. I am thankful for this relationship. Through it, I have learned much.

Happy Journeys. Thanks for stopping by.