Cheap Way to overcome the death of Windows XP

Well, here it is. Day zero for Microsoft's pulling support for Windows XP. What will become of it? Sales for Microsoft. 
Windows 7 sales sky rocket because most people are not sold on Win 8 just yet (just my experience). You can purchase the online web download version of Win7 Home Premium 32-bit for around $120.00. Or you can visit any online PC store (ie ect.) and check out their refurbish/Off lease PCs. Some as low as $150.00 with Windows 7 installed. Not bad if you can get over the mental hurdle that they were used or had and issue and now fixed. Some of my clients like this option. I like it because it is a fast inexpensive upgrade and they have a PC that will last for the next few years, I expect. Overall, I know a few PC users will still operate with XP. What will be the cost of ownership? We will see. Stay in touch. 
Tomorrow, more Windows quick tips. Thinking of sharing one which you will love.
Stay safe. Thanks for checking in.