Dealing with Application Pop-Ups

I get these calls ever so often. "Rich, there are random pop-ups that scan my PC, and when I close them, they pop right up again."
Ever see these.? If so, you are experiencing rogue marketing processes. They scan your PC, claim they fine issues and want money to clean the issues. They get into your PC through freebee downloads, (remember my post on "custom" downloads verses "express"?) So, how to stop the rogue pop-ups. 

1. Press these keys: Crtl-Alt-Del (3 finger salute)
2. Click on "Start Task Manager" on the next screen.
3. Select the "Processes" tab.
4. Click on the "CPU" box twice, to align the highest users to the top.
5. There you will see something that resembles the name of the offending pop-up.
6. Click on it to highlight the running task.
7. Click on "End Process" button on the lower right corner. 
8. Next Task Manager.
Run your Anti-Malware program and be rid of this infection.

Hope this was helpful.

Thanks for dropping by.