Get Free Norton Security Suite

IF you're a Comcast/Xfinity Internet customer, did you know you can install Norton Security Suite, for free?? I don't know if Com-Xfin advertises it very well, but it is an awesome feature for free security and file clean-ups. Here is how to install if you haven't already done so.
Go to:

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
Under "SUPPORT & SERVICES" heading (right lower menu)
Click on "Constant Guard"
"Download free for Windows" box and follow the prompts.

Go ahead and install Constant Guard and when you are through that, it gives you an opportunity to install a suite of other programs. One in which is Norton Security Suite. Proceed with the download and installation of Norton. Then, as a suggestion, remove 
Constant Guard through control panel, Programs, uninstall. Constant Guard will slow down you PC.

You will be amazed what a great program, for free, Norton is.

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