Google It!

Today's Tip: When in doubt, Google. 

A good friend of mine called yesterday on a popular cultural topic we are facing and wanted my opinion. After several questions, I simply suggested, "Google that". 

If you are dealing with a new company, a new professional person, or perhaps buying a new product on the Internet. Google the company name, person or product. Five minutes can tell you a lot.Maybe even change your mind. You will be amazed and possibly be surprised on what you can find. 
This also can apply to that annoying Windows* error message. You know, the one that pops up after Windows* loads. Swipe copy the error message, place paste it into the Google search window and see what comes up. Be very specific in your search. Your search results will be better. There may be a simple fix. I like to think that, if it happened to me, it happened to someone else. And there is a solution. 
Safe Surfing and Go Google. Thanks for stopping by.