Priority Boot Devices

Did you know there is a list of "Priority Boot Devices" assigned in the BIOS settings that dictate the order your PC boots (start up)? You've seen the Press F2 (*) for setup. * Depending on the PC manufacturer it may be different.

In the BIOS settings is typically a category called Boot Options. With in, there is a Priority Boot List. Most of the time it will be set to boot from the CD/DVD device before the Hard Drive ("HD"). Reassigning the HD to the top of the Priority List will shave off time during the boot process. Maybe as much as 30 seconds, if more devices are ahead in the list of the HD. Tweaking the BIOS can be risky, so consult with your Manufacturers User Guide, Online Help of a Techie Professional first. Oh heck, somebody who just knows and has done it before.

Hope this helps you experience the best from your PC.

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