"Safety Nets" you can establish in your PC.

Good Morning,
I missed yesterday's posting. I have been extremely busy.
Today, I will be talking about "Safety Nets" you can establish in your PC.
One of the more essential is the Restore Point. A restore point is a time when your PC is running well and you can reserve or mark this point where if anything goes wrong, you can "go back to" this point. Kind of a "Do Over". Restore Point has been the saving action for many of PCs.

To make a Restore Point:

Windows 7 -

1. Right Click "Computer"

2. Select "Properties"

3. Select "System Protection"

4. Where it sez, "Create a restore point right now for the drives that have system protection turned on." Click "Create".

Next you enter a name to mark this R/P. I like to name these files with a date. Such as, 04172014. 

** Of course, you will need to "configure" the restore point. By default, it would be turned on. ** 

Do this and have your Safety Net set.

Hope this is helpful to you. Thanks for the "Likes", and tell your friends, please.

Cheers and Go Forth!