Security Alert: Scenario 1

Today's Security Alert: (scenario) You get a phone call from a number that appears to be local.

"Hello, Are you using Microsoft Windows?" The voice on the other end queries.

"Ah, Yes." you reply.

"You have Malware, Viruses and many errors running on you computer." explains the obviously Eastern accented Techie. "I can scan your PC for these problems for free if you give me access. It is totally FREE."

"Mmmmm, ok." You go to a browser and type the prescribed URL; logmein123 ..... (enter the given access code). Soon you see a black window, like a command prompt, numbers and text are streaming before your eyes. What the.....???, you're thinking.

"It is perfectly ok, it will be done soon."

POW!!! The results are in, you've got 56,087 bad files, Malware and Viruses on you Computer... (or at least that is what the scan results display.) Now, watch out, here comes "The Sales Pitch".

"Oh my, you have so many problems as you can see from the scan. I can clean those problems for today's special price of $79.95. What is your credit card information?" 

You get the picture? 

"The Rich Rule" (often critical these days), ask yourself,

          #1 How do I know the scan was real or was that a program, this techie ran on your PC, to appear like a security check was running?

         #2 Did you ask for a clean up? No.

         #3 Do you trust that this techie didn't load something else on you PC in the background.? No. 

Lesson: load your own security tools, run them yourself or automatically schedule your scans and cleanup. It's your PC. Think of it as your wallet. No one comes in unless you initiate the call. 
I have gotten this call a couple times and hang up after I hear, "Are you running Windows?"
Safe Surfing and Thanks for reading.