Shut down your PC at night or leave it on?

The debate continues: Shut down your PC at night or leave it on?

You can do either, but weight the options.

Points for leaving it on.
1. It's faster resuming into Windows in the morning. (*)
2. Sleep mode still saves energy, even though it is technically still on.
* This is true if Sleep mode is working well.

Points for shutting it off.
1. Saves energy.
2. If your power ever goes off, your PC is spared the shock of being shut down inadvertently.
3. If your PC is shut off and you didn't leave it on the Internet, how can anyone hack into it?
4. The Windows registry needs to be refreshed. It only refreshes when shut down and started. IF the registry is not refreshed, it will slow down normal Windows operations. Kind of like not getting enough sleep each night for a month. Or like a slow sink drain. 

So, my official preference is to shut it down each night. Likewise, if I'm not using my PC for awhile, I shut it down.

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