The Dust Virus: Cleaning Out Your PC

You know something's wrong when that unexpected failure occurs with your car. That goes for your PC as well. That smell emanating from the back fan is starting to wreak. Perhaps you hear a grinding sound coming from the fan. If so, your PC is working too hard to stay cool. 
It's time to have the "farm" (dirt/dust) blown out from the inside. Especially if you have pets. I once found so much dog fur inside a computer I could knit a poodle. 
Dust acts as an insulator, retaining heat which causes sensitive electronic parts to fail.

To Do:
1. Power off your PC.

2. Disconnect all connections.

3. Haul PC out to the garage.

4. Remove the side panel.

5. If you have an air compressor (~80 psi setting) with a blower attachment or a vacuum. Cans of compressed air work too.

6. Blow out the circuit boards, especially the contact points of the slots. Most of the dust is found in the fans at the vents.

Give it a try. The worst that could happen is your PC may last a few more years. This works for Laptops too.