Tip for Boosting PC Performance

Good Morning;
Your display/graphics device can take up the most resources to run. Consider lightening the graphical load. Elaborate background screens, especially slide shows, will slow down your PC significantly. I know this is not a popular suggestion and you may not make this change. That's ok. Everyone likes the added appearances that make us happy. But when it come with a hit to performance? I'll take a little less mountain scenes on my desktop. 
So, if you go toward the performance option over scenery, do the following.

Windows 7:
1. Right click the desktop. (not on any icon)
2. Select Personalize
3. At the bottom, click on Desktop Background (solid color)
4. Pick a color you like and Save Changes.

If you don't like it you can always change back.

I admit, this will be boring, but your PC will be faster.
A sum of little things will add up toward big results.

Thanks for dropping by.
Happy Trails.