Unexplained Pop-ups?

Have you ever downloaded a free or updated an existing program? Ever wonder where those unannounced pop ups came from, scanning your PC then requiring that you buy their software to remove the problems found? Yes, I've seen them too. One explanation how it was installed came from one click from your mouse. When you come to the point to install a program, look carefully for the install options. You've seen them. Install: Express or Custom check boxes. By default the Express box is checked. Why? Because they want you to install the "added" programs to entice you to buy their product. You know, the ones you allowed to be installed without you knowing it through the Express install. You need to check the Custom box. Then uncheck the selected individual programs you now see on the next screen. Proceed with installation. Avoid this little trap and you've saved yourself much grief, annoyance and money. Enjoy your day.
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