Using Safe Mode Boot to Scan for Malware

So you think your PC is running extremely slow and it is having troubles shutting down. Normal virus and malware scans come up with no problems. What can you do next?

Safe Mode Boot. Then scan again.
What is Windows Safe Mode? It is a start up of your PC that by-passes the loading of some typical windows drivers. This allows you to boot in Windows without the all the added unnecessary stuff. I call it overhead. In Safe mode, many "things" are revealed, such as issues that will not appear during normal mode. You can scan for viruses and malware more efficiently.
Here is how to boot into Safe Mode.

1. Power on your PC.
2. Before the Windows splash screen appears, press the F8 key.
3. A black background screen will appear with several boot options.
4. Toggle down to "Safe mode with network", option, press enter.

Windows will appear to be starting except that the video is displaying larger icons. that is because the video driver is in it's minimal state. Non windows standard drivers. 
There will be a message indicating that you are in "Safe Mode". Press ok.

Now, scan your PC for viruses and malware, correct any issues and reboot your PC into standard mode. 
Many times I was able to fine and eliminate issues through safe mode that normally would not have been found.
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Happy hunting. Hope this was helpful.