Easy, affordable and fast way to "Boost" your PC performance. CONT.

Two posts ago, I showed how you can use designate a USB Flash drive as added virtual memory. You also can designate portions of your hard drive for the same purpose. Here's how.

Windows 7:
1. Right Click "Computer"
2. Select "Properties"
3. Select "Advanced System Settings"
4. In the Area called "Performance", select "settings"
5. Click on the tab called "Advanced"
6. In the Area called "Virtual Memory", select "Change"
7. Now, look for the number size in MB for "Recommended" near the bottom. Write down that number (XXXX MB) whatever it is.
8. Near the top, click on Drive letter C: to highlight.
9. Select the circle area (radio button), for "Custom size".
10. "Initial size (MB)" should be a number rounded up to the nearest thousand from the number you wrote down. Enter it in the box to the right. (ex: 12,345 mb round to 13,000)
11. "Maximum size (MB)" should be a number in mb that is two thousand high than the Initial size. Enter it to the box to the right. (ex: 13,000 mb to 15,000 mb)
12. Click "Set", then "OK", "OK" again, "OK" once more.
13. Finally, X-out from the Systems window and you are done. Reboot the PC to adjust its new setting.

You have just set extra space for programs to run temporarily while they run. In doing so should help speed your PC a bit. 
Well done.

Hope this is helpful for you. I want you to be empowered in using your PC. This is what I do.

Thanks and have a great day. Now I have to go stand in line to get my emissions done. RATS!